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The Need for Marriage Counselling / Relationship Counselling

Romantic relationships are perhaps the most complex of all human connections as they have the capacity to produce loving and nurturing emotions that eclipse all other concerns. Nonetheless, every relationship, however close or precious it is, starts to crack eventually and requires time and effort to keep it going. But when you consider the considerable benefits marriage has to offer, it is worth putting in that time and effort. People in close and secure long term relationships are healthier and happier. They have better mental and physical health. They have a partner to depend on and thereby have less stressors.

If you have sensed that all is not right with your relationship, then it is time to work on it with a marriage or relationshipship counsellor and put it back on track.

Why do relationships fail?

Romantic relationships aren’t easy.  Every day you see yourself making some compromise or the other and over time you start developing feelings of resentfulness about your partner. You feel unappreciated and maybe you think that you are giving more than what you are getting back. Or it is the other way around – your feel that you are burdening your partner, and you feel guilty about it. That’s how conflicts start.

Nonetheless, whoever gives more or gets more in a relationship, partners whose values and beliefs are similar, and who understand that all relationships require work, will be able to overcome the challenges in their relationship.

Marriage Counselling / Relationship Counselling at Psychologist Melbourne

Psychologist Melbourne is a safe and ethical place for you and your partner to work together as couples to explore your emotions and achieve an effective and long lasting transformation. Our psychologists and therapists are all highly qualified practitioners who work with empathy, genuineness, respect.

At Psychologist Melbourne, we offer confidential marriage / couples and marital guidance in our South Yarra offices in Melbourne. Please call 0424 065 766 for an appointment or to make enquiries. Or, fill the contact form to leave a message and we will call you back.

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