Do you need a psychologist?

Do you need a psychologist?

There are times when you can manage your problems by yourself and then there are times when you may need professional help and you have to seek out a psychologist.

  • Are you frustrated at not being able to share your worries and cares with someone who isn’t biased and judgemental?
  • Are you trying to gain clarity and understanding as to why you feel stuck and why you keep doing the things that prevent you from attaining your goals?
  • Are you having difficulty reaching professional & personal life goals and gaining happiness and satisfaction?
  • Are you emotionally dissatisfied in your relationships?
  • Are you feeling sad, angry, or stressed out always?
  • Do you have a psychological disorder and you feel that you are not getting the right kind of treatment?
  • Do you wish to improve your overall physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then you will benefit from seeing a psychologist. Counselling and psychotherapy can help to recognise the cause of your unhappiness and arrive at an effective solution.

We can help

At Psychologist Melbourne, we provide counselling, psychotherapy, and life coaching that helps you find relief and effective change. Here, you will find a safe place that is respectful and sensitive to your needs, beliefs, values and aids your growth and healing. We help individuals, children, teens, couples and families.

Our psychologists are skilled in assisting people in exploring life issues and helping them develop coping mechanisms through psychology, counselling and other people-centred practices.

Our psychology practitioners provide counselling and psychotherapy for a range of conditions, symptoms and psychological issues including stress, anxiety, anger, bullying, behaviour problems, depression, mood disorders, trauma and PTSD, grief and loss, addiction, eating disorders, body-image issues, abuse, domestic abuse, family issues, relationship problems, personality disorders, etc.

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