Anxiety and its disorders

Anxiety and its disorders

How do you recognise anxiety?

We all have felt anxious at some time or other, especially during situations and circumstances that are of import to us such as an interview, waiting in a hospital, or waiting for an exam result. This anxious feeling is normal and goes away once we are past that significant or important event. However, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is when you have a continuously anxious feeling. You are unable to control these anxious feelings even though you realise that these threatening emotions are unrealiastic. You tend to become irritable and restless, and you beset by tension and having sleep disturbances. You become terrified or have panic attacks during when a major event or work or life activity is about to happen. A diagnosis of generalised anxiety disorder is given if your anxious feelings persist for more than six months.

Why do some people have anxiety disorders?

  • You could manifest GAD generally in your childhood or adolescence, but it could also be triggered in adulthood after a stressful, embarassing or traumatic experience.
  • Some people also may be predisposed to get GAD because of their genes and social and environmental factors. Underlying
  • Depression is another important factor in anxiety – studies have shown that both anxiety and depression have a common basis in genetics.
  • There are also studies that show that some medications can induce anxiety if taken over a period of time. For instance, certain medicines which you may take for migraines or even headaces have caffeine. This stimulates your nervous system and make you nervous and jittery. Hence, it is important not to self-medicate yourself. Even thyroid medications or medication for ADHD can induce anxiety. Hence, regular follow-up with your general practitioner is always advised if you have these these disorders.

Treating anxiety at Psychologist Melbourne

Just as anxiety has never been a pre-existing condition for you, but has been triggered somewhere or sometime in your life, it can also be brought to a halt, managed or controlled though counselling and therapy.

If you are seeking assistance in managing anxiety, our psychologists are here to help. We will explore underlying issues and determine through therapy the nature of how your anxiety is triggered and how you can overcome it.

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