Couples Therapy Melbourne

At Psychologist Melbourne we  conducts couples therapy in weekly sessions with clients struggling with relationship problems and those looking to improve their relationships beyond what is adequate.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and standard Behavioural Couples Therapy are used along with acceptance strategies and emotion focused strategies.  Initially an assessment is conducted to understand  strengths and weaknesses of the relationship along with the behavioural patterns and skill that need development  to be addressed the couple relationship.

Couples Therapy and Tools

Concrete tools and exercises are used in session as well as in between sessions.   Couples learn better manage emotional episodes and to prevent episodes where regretful behaviours occur. We help couples to communicate effectively and respectfully even when an agreement or resolution may not be possible.  Managing  problems and  negotiating  are important skills. Determine what one is willing to accept, and how to acknowledge, appreciate, and encourage more of the behaviours and aspects in the relationship that bring joy, passion, and connection.

Romantic relationships are  complex since  values, feelings, patterns  and cognitions are key on them .  They can also be the most important support an individual can have when the relationship is healthy.

The goal of couples therapy is not to keep people in a relationship no matter what.  Rather couples therapy will identify what changes can be made, maximize those changes, develop acceptance of what is not to be changed, and determine if the result is a satisfying relationship for both parties.