“We are fragile creatures, and it is from this weakness, not despite it, that we discover the possibility of true joy”
Desmond Tutu

Psychologist and Counselling Services in Melbourne

Find relief and effective change working with our psychologists and counsellors. We assist with a range of challenging problems, from anxiety, depression or mood disorders, to those who have difficulties with their marriage or are in need of relationship counselling. The Psychologist Melbourne team is trained in counselling; they are all registered psychologists, counselling psychologists or clinical psychologists. Our team of psychologists are experienced in a range of proven therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic, humanistic, mindfulness, and other therapies, and you can discuss about these with our practitioner and choose what you both feel suits you best.


To contact our psychology practitioners,

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Looking for a psychologist?

We have psychologists who specialize in all areas of mental health, from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, self-esteem, grief, men’s health, relationship counselling, to name a few. We believe that it doesn’t matter how hard things look today, we can help to guide you to a happier and more fulfilling life.

We all need someone to support us

Sometimes life throws a curveball and you face difficulties or issues that you simply can’t deal with on your own. Talking is important, but if you don’t have the right support or anyone you can confide in, an experienced psychologist can help.

What does a psychologist do?

A psychologist helps you to examine your emotional problems and explore the underlying issues that may be the cause. He or she then supports you to make the necessary decisions to improve your personal well being and deal with whatever is holding you back in life. They have a scientific understanding of the human mind and behaviour. Unlike psychiatrists though, counselling psychologists do not prescribe medication.

What issues can a psychologist help me with?

Psychologists work across a diverse range of emotional and psychological health issues and significant life events including anxiety, stress, depression, relationships, work/career, self-esteem, anger, eating disorders, trauma, bereavement, phobias, addiction, OCD, sexual problems and self-development. If you decide you could benefit from meeting with a psychologist, your process will begin by discussing your issues and background history with your therapist, establishing the focus of your treatment, and working with him or her to achieve the objective.

Psychologist Melbourne has been providing psychological services in Toorak and our clients come from all areas in and around Melbourne. All our psychologists have achieved a minimum of a Masters in Psychology.